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28th july: Bodega Teulada + The Dan Barrett + Enric Peidr Quartet

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Schedule: from 19h to 22h.
Languages: Spanish, Valencià, English

Customer Service Phone:
English: 695 13 43 45

Guided tour of the vineyard and facilities.
Tasting of selected wines accompanied by local tapas.
Live music.
Duration 3 hours.
Starting time: 7 p.m.
Bring comfortable shoes.

Bodegas Teulada. Cooperativa Sant Vicent Ferrer.
Avinguda de las Palmas, 32. Teulada
Latitud: 38.729187 (38º 43' 45.07" N)
Longitud: 0.098380 (0º 5' 54.17" E)
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The Dan Barrett - Enric Peidro Quartet
El saxofonista alcoyano Enric Peidro cuenta con una más que sólida trayectoria que incluye quince registros discográficos como líder, más de una treintena como “sideman”, giras y grabaciones con los más respetados músicos del Jazz clásico internacional y actuaciones en innumerables Festivales de Jazz tanto nacionales como internacionales. Ampliamente reconocido por público y critica como un estilista de su instrumento, el saxo tenor, este incansable trabajador de los escenarios ha sabido siempre mantenerse fiel a sus códigos estéticos moviéndose siempre dentro de los parámetros del jazz de corte más clásico ofreciendo siempre música de gran calidad, siempre inventiva e imaginativa y alejada de planteamientos revivalistas. Esta integridad estilística y su indudable talento como instrumentista, le ha valido el reconocimiento de los aficionados. En esta ocasión, viene acompañado del gran trombonista estado unidense Dan Barrett, un maestro del jazz clásico y del swing. Su estilo fresco y personal recuerda a los grandes de una época anterior. Perfecto para bailar swing.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: according to the current regulations on events, we inform you:
- During the visit to the facilities and vineyards the correct security between attendees and workers will be maintained, as well as the use of mask and hydroalcoholic gel.
- During the concert, only people living together must be seated together. Therefore, TICKETS PURCHASED IN GROUPS will be considered CO-HABITORS, and therefore will be placed together, in maximum groups of people according to the regulations in force on the day of the event.
- The location of the seat will be made to ensure the correct separation between people and groups.
- It will not be possible to change location, since it would be impossible to guarantee the correct separation and safety of attendees and workers.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE. Following the guidelines of the health authorities we inform:
- It will be mandatory to wear a mask at all times, both in the seat and in the common areas, only with the exceptions contained in the current regulations on the use of masks.
- The use of hydroalcoholic gel will be mandatory and will be available to attendees both at the entrance to the venue and at other points such as the toilets.
- It is not allowed to move the seats to another place or to put together different rows of seats.

RIGHT OF ADMISSION RESERVED: failure to comply with any of these rules may result in denial of admission to the premises.
In case of postponement, suspension, change of date or cancellation of the event due to force majeure (e.g. Covid), the full cost of the ticket will be refunded.

The Dan Barrett - Enric Peidro Quartet
The saxophonist from Alcoy and resident in Jávea Enric Peidro has a more than solid career that includes fifteen recordings as a leader, more than thirty as a "sideman", tours and recordings with the most respected musicians of international classical Jazz and performances in countless Jazz Festivals both nationally and internationally. Widely recognized by audiences and critics as a stylist of his instrument, the tenor saxophone, this tireless stage worker has always remained faithful to his aesthetic codes, always moving within the parameters of the most classical jazz, always offering music of great quality, always inventive and imaginative and far from revivalist approaches. This stylistic integrity and his undoubted talent as an instrumentalist, has earned him the recognition of the fans. On this occasion, he is joined by great Trombonist Dan Barrett a master of classic, swinging jazz. His fresh, personal style recalls the greats of an earlier era, and is perfect for swing dancing.

Bodega Teulada. The union produces good wines.
Bodega Teulada, founded in 1940, has 103 members producing sweet muscatel, muscatel vermouth, muscatel de aguja, muscatel cava and muscatel dry white wine. The winery produces and elaborates its own products, following the product from the vine to the bottle. Bodega Teulada, which was founded in the municipality in the 40's of the 20th century, is the continuation of the old agricultural organizations that arose at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century to defend the interests of the farmers of the Teulada countryside.
The traditional crop of the term has been the vineyard (especially in the variety of muscatel). At the beginning, the winery produced oil in its mills and wine, produced by its members and other producers. Currently, only products derived from the vineyard are produced, especially Muscatel: white wine, mistela, vermouth and red wine (from other varieties of vines).